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Bundy Baking Solutions

Food Services, Technical Equipment, B2B, Multi-Segment
Founded as a family business in the heart of the North American breadbasket, Bundy Baking Solutions has become a global industry leader serving many of the world’s largest and most successful bakeries.

The Bundy Baking Solutions family of brands includes American Pan®, Chicago Metallic, DuraShield®, Pan Glo®, RTB, Shaffer® and FBS Prestige.

Bundy Baking has been a leader in the industry for generations, leading to its ability to purchase multiple sub-brands within the Bundy umbrella. The brands, however, needed to have one voice and visual presence. The website was also confusing, outdated, and difficult to use. We were tasked with solving not only the obvious issues but uncovering and solving marketing issues throughout their business. 

This project was vetted in research, user interviews, stakeholder interview, and additional auditing to understand the market, culture, and stakeholder's needs. We took this research and were able to build the brand voice and visual library from the ground up. The content and structure were a complete rework from naming through the organization. Once the website and brand extension were developed we expanded this knowledge into a web-based application, interactive tradeshow booths, and print collateral. We helped Bundy see how they could still continue to grow within a marketplace that they were already the leader. 

Digital Strategy



User Experience Design

Information Architecture


Website Design & Implementation


Web Application Strategy 


Application UI,UX & Design


Tradeshow Touchscreens

Strategic Planning


Brand Development

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