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Some people need a simple one-off job completed around their home but can’t find the help unless they hire a professional. There are also children, ages 14-17, required to complete community service to graduate high school. My solution is ChoreSquad, a mobile application that can bring these two groups together, fueling community and service.

Although there are apps out there allowing individuals to bid for work and even others that focus on community service, none provide the security of our application. Because this workforce will be fueled by minors, safe parental controls, and background checks will be administered to allow a parent and job poster to feel comfortable with the job completion.  

This project was crafted from the ground up. In working in a small community, there are so many people you run across that you can help or assist. With high school students needing to volunteer to graduate, this app was initially an easy thought. However, this already existed. We needed to stand out in the marketplace and I crafted the solution to do just that. 

Bringing people together to volunteer has been around for a while, but doing so in a safe, confirmed environment was not. I took the app one step further than the competition by supplying those who were old enough the ability to be background-checked. In addition, because we are working with minors, I included a parental consent portion of the app which allows for the guardians to provide security and communication levels they are comfortable with. 


"This project helped me explore how three different users can approach an app and how to customize the experience for each user's goals."

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