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Innovative design is about creating a positive impact for those who use it.

As a creative leader and overall problem solver for the last 20 years, I hold a strong passion for creating digital business solutions with user-centered design and strategy.


I thrive in collaborative environments and carry a hands-on approach when supporting or managing a team in various roles. I am also furthering my outreach, by teaching UI/UX and digital design to the next generation of designers both in the classroom and writing curriculum.

AW Collection

User Experience
Digital Design

Design Thinking

Strategy, User Experience, Website Design & Branding

VolunteerHub is cloud-based volunteer management and engagement software. 

Strategy, User Experience
& Digital Creative

Bundy Baking Solutions has become a global industry leader serving many of the world’s largest and most successful bakeries.

User Experience & Design

A non-profit that is dedicated to improving the lives of communities worldwide through various initiatives.


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