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  • Leah Henderson

Designing With Type

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This week we explored the vast world of typography in class, and I have been refreshed with the complex and fascinating aspects that fonts bring to our lives. Bringing myself back to these basics made me reflect on where I all started with design.

Back in college, one of my passions and specialties was informational graphics. Digesting complex information and turning it into a simple graphic form that people could comprehend has always been fascinating to me. Looking back, I can see that UX has struck the same passion for the same reasons, but this week I also saw another connection between the two, fonts.

With informational graphics, being clean and clear with your type is always top of mind. With the emphasis on limited space and the need for high readability, font selection is key. This directly transfers to digital design as it has the same goals. Although serif fonts do enter both worlds, they are ruled by the simplicity of the sans serif font families. I am aware by now that the different worlds within design overlap, but I am always ignited when I find new connections within a world I have lived within for so long.

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