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For this project, we were tasked with coming up with a unique mobile application that can help provide service and improve the lives of our users. For me, I had to look no further than my community around me. People commonly need simple one-off jobs completed around their homes but can't find help unless they hire a professional. Children ages 14-17 must complete community service to graduate high school, but how do we bring them together, providing a safe environment that both the student and their parents would feel comfortable in? 

My solution is ChoreSquad, a mobile application that can bring these two groups together, fueling community, safety, and service. Although there are apps allowing individuals to bid for work and even others that focus on community service, none provide the security of our application. Because this workforce will be fueled by minors, safe parental controls, and background checks will be administered to allow a parent and job poster to feel comfortable completing the job. 

To accomplish an easy to comprehend flow for the app, I created three unique user flows. The user will indicate if they want to post a job, are a student looking for work, or are a parent approving the app for their student. Although many screens overlap within the flows, each user has a unique goal that focuses on their app experience. By splitting up the experience, it allows for each of the flow to be as streamlined and direct as possible. You can view the screens in the attached three user flow examples and the prototype video displaying a user posting a job. 


"This project helped me explore how three different users can approach an app and how to customize the experience for each user's goals."



Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

User Experience

User Flows

High-Fidelity Wireframe



This project helped me to understand how to think holistically about problem-solving.  When the idea started, my only thought was to provide background checks, but I quickly realized that a major missing piece was the parent's approval. This allowed the app to stand alone from the competition, helping to provide that safe space I was indenting for the minor student and the job poster. 

This project challenged me to consider what screens work for all users and what edits need to be made to allow each user's intent to be the main focus of their flow. Once the workflow was established, however, my exploration of the prototype helped me discover missed steps or interactions that needed improvement. 

Overall, my largest takeaway was working through all the layers of this project and how each continued to refine my work from initial sketches to wireframes, how they connect, and how they move and interact. 

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